OUR TEAM AT DENTCARE: We are internationally-trained dentists, and our specialists have degrees from French and US universities. We all speak fluent English and French. Using the most recent and best technology available to date, we are glad to offer an excellent service at exceptional prices, in a short time span.

OUR EQUIPMENT: We use digital technology for panoramic, as well as for small chair side X-rays (RVG). Interiorly cameras for better communication to visualise and help you understand what needs to be done. We follow EEC standards, for our equipment and services.

HYGIENE: The sterilisation room has a separate wet and dry area. The instruments used, are first dipped in a decontamination bath, then rinsed, then dipped in an ultrasonic bath, rinsed again, dried, packed in individual pouches, and sterilised in an autoclave (121ºC and high pressure). For high risk patients, we use disposable, throw away instruments.

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